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Strumba Kalimba: Our First Musical Instrument

Strumba Kalimba: Our First Musical Instrument

Paige Schnarr |

Our first musical instrument, Strumba Kalimba is an easy to learn thumb piano that can be enjoyed by everyone. With a wooden backing and metal keys, this fun instrument can be picked up and played by people of all ages. 


Great Instrument NOT Annoying


Meagan: "Our 3 youngest kids love this instrument! The sound is quite pleasant which says a LOT. It’s pretty too. Not an eye sore on a shelf! LOVE listening to them strum with their fingers."


Beautiful design & sound



Erin: "I’ve been loving this piece — it’s crafted and plays beautifully. It comes with a music sheet in the box and it’s easy to learn and been really relaxing and therapeutic to play before bed. Would recommend!"



Fun for all ages

Beth: "It’s been a very long time since I have played a musical instrument, but in a few hours I was able to play a song. It helps having some background knowledge in reading music notes but I think anyone could learn to play this relatively quickly. The sound almost reminds me of wind chimes - it’s not an annoying instrument like some others when you’re learning either. It’s a nice soft, happy sound. My son loves it and I don’t mind him playing it as it’s somewhat quiet as far as instruments go. I look forward to learning to play more songs and getting more proficient on it, it will be a fun thing to bring to the cottage this summer! I love that it’s small and lightweight too!"


Adorable & beautiful sound


Danielle: "My 3 year old loves this instrument. It’s the perfect one for kids: great design, easy to play and actually sounds wonderful. No annoying or shrill sounds like typical kid instruments."


So fun!

Nikkita: "Not only is this thing fun to play, but it was designed beautifully! If you can play piano, you can pick this thing up very quickly! The sound is great and the material is durable. This is a great little instrument."


Fun to play and makes great decor


Julie: "We are loving our Strumba Kalimba! It’s such a cute piece, and it has such a fun sound! We will be putting it in our daughter’s nursery as a fun little decor piece, but we’ve been having so much fun practicing playing it! The sound is super soothing, and it’s really easy to play. Would make a great gift too!!"


So fun



Amber: "Honestly, my kids commandeered this pretty fast and I haven’t seen it much they’ve been playing in their room and it has been really fun for them. I love seeing them do something creative with their hands and to enjoy time playing music."