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Monthly Design Activity: Posters from the Past

Monthly Design Activity: Posters from the Past

Rachel Steer |

Creativity and inspiration lives within every Umbra employee. This month's Design Activity combines these two by challenging members of our Design and Marketing teams to design a poster from the past featuring current Umbra products. Check out the awesome results below.



Umbra Otto Automatic Soap Dispenser

By Kassa Matthews & Sung Wook Park

"We based our poster off Volkswagen posters from the 1960s. There’s one in particular where they’re advertising new mechanics, but still keeping keeping the iconic “beetle” shape. We thought it would be perfect to use Otto because of the updates we made to those mechanics while still keeping the sleek design."



By Felipe Meijon & Erica Stevens

"We were inspired by vintage posters that depicted futuristic scenes. We loved the vibrancy and setting of this old poster and thought it would be super fun and a bit silly to transpose the Spritza Spray bottle over it."



Umbra Grab Trash Can
By Kelly Wu & Aine O'Neill


 "We decided to focus on a Coca Cola poster from the 20s depicting their new carrying case for a pack of bottles. We wanted our poster to be playful and hone into the same idea that Umbra's Grab Can can also be used as a stylish carrying container for all your summer drink needs!"



Umbra Otto Automatic Soap Dispenser
By Darrien Tu & Brianna McGregor


"We wanted to do a 80s-inspired poster and we thought it would be fun & unique to turn the Otto Automatic Soap Pump into a rocket ship! We depicted Otto in bright colors and we used retro-style text to go along with the 80s theme."



Umbra Emperor Automatic Soap Dispenser
By Charlotte Cully & Jenny Suh

"For April's design activity, we wanted to focus on ads from the 1800s. We like the aesthetic of these illustrations and how they used different crosshatching methods to create depth and shadows. Many of the 1800s ads were focused on soap, which we thought was very fitting for current situation. So we replaced the soap on the ad with our Emperor automatic soap dispenser, and edited the text to match it."