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Designer Quick Facts: Áine

Designer Quick Facts: Áine

Paige Schnarr |


Áine grew up in a very creative family of architects and engineers. This lead to her experiencing design as a way of living; seeing opportunities to create better solutions. Áine pursued a bachelor's degree in Industrial Design from OCAD University where she applied her interest in trend research and making to her studies.



She is fascinated by how the relationship of products can change the atmosphere of a room, and is drawn towards bold, organic shapes and materials with soft textures. Some of her designs take inspiration from nostalgia, and she hopes to instil comfort, purpose and imagination to objects brought into a world of abundance.



Nickname: 'Onya' Lasagna

Favorite Umbra product: Coiled Stool

Go-to Starbucks Order: Americano Misto

Favorite Trip You've Been on: 3 month trip around Europe with my cousin

Favorite Binge-worthy tv-show: That 70s Show

A design trend you hope never comes back in style:  Carpeted washrooms

Any hidden talents? I can split an apple in half with my bare hands

Favorite way to get re-inspired: Going for walks in a new area




At Umbra, Áine believes that great design is thoughtful, functional but most importantly relatable.