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Behind the Design: Ridge Mirror

Behind the Design: Ridge Mirror

Paige Schnarr |

We interviewed VP of Design, Matt Carr, to learn more about his newest design, Ridge Mirror.

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What was the inspiration behind your design? (ie. time, place, material, other item etc.)

When travelling across Asia in 2019, I was seeing room dividers and partitions in restaurants and commercials spaces using fluted glass and corrugated plastic. This technique creates a diffusion that is subtle and intriguing as you only see vague objects behind the surface. I was thinking how I could translate this technique onto a simple circular mirror.


What problem (if any) were you trying to solve?

Our customer understands the value of a mirror in a space. It creates the illusion of a bigger room and mirrors are an easy wall décor piece that can live in so many different rooms and agree with many different interior environments. I was trying to elevate the typical flat mirror with a twist of interest.


Were there any challenges along the way? (ie. material, manufacturing, costing, etc.)

Besides getting the proportion of the fluted section and the right spacing between and It was a challenge to create a seamless transition between the fluted glass and the flat glass. The glass is actually machined from the front surface and mirror is applied from the back side.


What is your favorite part about the product?

Besides the most obvious – the fluted mirror section, the mirror has an innovative easy mounting bracket allowing you to angle the directional lines of the fluted glass on 8 different angles. The user get to choose where they want the detail depending on their room setting.


What makes this product different/unique/better compared to everything else on the market?

There are thousands of mirrors on the market. We wanted to create an interesting mirror that complemented ones interior without stealing the show. An intriguing composition that creates a conversation and surprises the eye.