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Behind the Design: Cascada Cosmetic Organizer

Behind the Design: Cascada Cosmetic Organizer

Paige Schnarr |


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What was the inspiration behind your design? (ie. time, place, material, other item etc.)

I had been looking into circular objects, trying to find inspiration for a spinning storage solution. I was looking at references for trying to figure out how to make customizable compartments.

I looked into tetris games, circle mazes and then I came across circular wheel planners. These allow you the freedom to move around the line, and to customize different sized portions of your day. 

After playing around with a 2-D top view, I was able to start building a 3-D shape adding a top layer to maximize the function and footprint. 

After creating the completed 3-D prototype, it looked plain to me. I wanted to add some personality into the design. Our team decided to add in some angles. 

There were many different two-tier shapes, but the end result was this slanted style.This provides both a unique look from a variety of angles as well as allows one to store different products based on their size/type.





Were there any challenges along the way? (ie. material, manufacturing, costing, etc.) 

Finding the right wall thickness, to make sure the product was both durable and nice to the touch.

For the removable dividers, we needed to choose the right material and diameter, strong enough to work as a divider but flexible enough to be able to fit inside and customize to your preference.

What is your favourite part about the product? 

I like the simplicity of the design, but it is also very functional. The cut angles, are simple accents but also act as a functional element, great for both short and tall items.  




What makes this product different/unique/better compared to everything else on the market?

We knew there were already a lot of clear makeup organizers. It makes sense to keep this design clear because we understand why it is a popular choice, both modern and easy to see and access your items. 

Most on the market look utilitarian, as a design focused company we wanted to make it decorative as well. 

Decorative & functional is always the goal.



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