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Behind the Design: Picket Wall Hook

Behind the Design: Picket Wall Hook

Paige Schnarr |

       At first glance Picket Hook looks like a piece of wall art thanks to its beautiful shape and beveled pine wood dowels. Picket has five hooks that flip down and hold 5 lbs. each. When not in use they flip back up, creating a seamless profile that makes Picket look like a piece of art. Hang multiple pickets side by side to create a statement piece on your wall. Easy to mount, this gorgeous hook includes all mounting hardware. 


       Born in Seoul, Korea, Sung wook discovered from a young age a desire to construct things and work with his hands. He went on to graduate at the top of the Industrial Design Program at Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD) University and win first prize in Driving Design, a Canadian student design competition put on by Umbra and Audi. His passion for creating and building follows him even outside of work, where he loves working with Lego® and other modular building sets. At Umbra, Sung Wook is striving to create unique impressions through his designs; delving into infinite possibilities and redesigning common products, with the goal of helping people find excitement in everyday life.


        Originally inspired by a wooden picket fence, the Picket Hook combines functionality and aesthetics to provide a versatile solution for organizing and beautifying your space.




        The journey of creating the Picket Hook begins with a creative collaboration involving our design team, product development team, and sales team. Through countless sketches and prototypes, we meticulously explore and refine various ideas, seeking the perfect balance between functionality, price point, and design. It is a balance of innovation and practicality, ensuring that the final design we are familiar with today truly hits the mark.



       The journey begins in Toronto, where Sung wook and the Umbra Studio collaborate to create detailed technical drawings. Each aspect of the design is carefully considered, ensuring nothing is left to chance. These precise blueprints then find their way to Umbra's manufacturers. There, wooden dowels are cut to size, and a protective lacquer is applied to achieve a smooth finish, accentuating the wood's natural beauty. The pivot mechanism is then installed for each of the five hooks. 


             Finally, Picket undergoes a rigorous quality inspection to ensure everything is to our standards. Only when every detail is flawlessly executed does the Picket Hook earn its place in the world, thoughtfully packaged and prepared for distribution.




With a keen eye for detail and a dedication to innovative design, Sung wook continuously redefines home products, crafting them to be not just functional, but also artistically captivating. Drawing inspiration from the world around him, his creations seamlessly blend into daily life, leaving a lasting impression through thoughtful details and elegant craftsmanship.

The Picket Hook demonstrates this philosophy by not only serving as a practical organizer for coats, hats, and bags but also by transforming walls into artistic statements. Its captivating fusion of form and function reflects Sung wook’s dedication to enhancing the aesthetics of living spaces while redefining everyday objects.