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Gift Guide For: The Family

Gift Guide For: The Family

Paige Schnarr |

Gifts that can be enjoyed by the whole family or ones that can be gifted to any family member. From picture frames, to games and other fun gifts, browse more of our gifts for the family here.





Mingle Gallery Frames make creating your own unique wall display a fun and simple task. This gallery set comes with four frames, two with multi-openings. This set is a great gift for anyone who loves displaying pictures or has a blank wall to decorate.






The T-Frame was designed for any sports, music or graphic tee lover. Creating the perfect place to protect and show off your favorite shirt or jersey, you don’t have to worry about your shirt sagging in a shadowbox, or being unprotected outside a frame.  A gift that can be kept as a keepsake, T-Frame makes for a special gift for any family member or friend.




Wobble Chess Set is a game that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Its concave landscape causes the chess pieces to wiggle and helps them stay in place when the board is moved. Wobble makes a fantastic gift for anyone who loves playing chess or wants to display their set as a decorative accessory for their home. 





The Hub Ladder is a versatile gift for the home. Whether used in the bedroom, living room or even bathroom, this ladder and rack is both decorative and functional. Display clothes, blankets, towels and more.






Giving the illusion Buddy characters are climbing up a wall, Buddy Wall Hooks add character and personality to a space, while keeping coats and accessories organized, and accessible. They serve as quirky wall décor even when not in use. The head, arms and legs provide a convenient place to hang your items, including coats, scarfs, purses, backpacks, and umbrellas. The Buddy hooks can add a fun accent to any space, whether it be an entryway, bedroom, bathroom, dorm room or office.