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Six Easy Ways to Transform Your Home Office

Six Easy Ways to Transform Your Home Office

Paige Schnarr |

Creating a peaceful work environment at home can be challenge at first. From kids to clutter, having a clutter-free space that feels like your own is conducive to feeling productive and organized during your work day. Follow with us, as we discuss some of our favourite easy ways to create or transform your very own home office.

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 Anywhere Curtain Rod & Room Divider


Location, location, location. Finding the right space for your new set-up is the first task for any home-office. If you don't already have a spare room or office, no problem. The Anywhere Curtain Rod Solution is the perfect way to block off a space, helping to provide some privacy for you and your meeting calls. Anywhere Tension Rod acts like a room divider, as its height can extend from 7-10 ft (213cm - 304cm) while its width adjusts from 35-66 inches (91cm - 167cm). Easy to install with no required tools or hardware, quickly set Anywhere up in your desired space, add some curtains and you're all set!





Trigg Tabletop, Set of Two 


Potsy Planters, Set of Three 


Adding some greenery to your space instantly brightens the area. Whether you prefer real plants or faux, adding some planters to the room, like our geometric Potsy Planters or a small one on top of your desk, such as the Trigg Tabletop Planters will bring some life and colour to your space.




Hangit Picture Display 


A quick and simple way to cozy up the space is to add a few personal touches. From pictures, to inspiring quotes or art, display your favourite prints and memories in a fun picture frame or use multiple to create a display like Hangit. Hangit comes with mini clothespins to help you create your own collage.





Bulletboard Memo Board


Cascada Organizer


Keep ahead and organized with a memoboard like Bulletboard. Having your reminders, calendars, and other important information easily in sight will keep you mindful of all of your tasks and to-dos. Plus, you can add some decorative touches with prints, quotes or pictures. Cascada Organizer keeps essentials easy to grab with its rotating component and minimal acrylic design. 




Corner Floating Shelves, Set of Three 

Buddy Wall Shelf 


Utilizing unused wall space is not only beneficial for storage but it also can decorate the room. An empty corner can be filled with plants, books and more, using floating corner shelves or add some storage right above your desk with a playful piece like Buddy Wall Shelf.




 Allira Organizers


Lastly, don't forget to have fun with the space. This is your space to make creative and ensure you feel inspired in. Play around with versatile items you might already even own in your home! Our new Allira Organizers can be used for decor or even for storage like office supplies. Their textured base and fun color options will be to sure to add some colour and flare to your work space.