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Behind the Design: Infinity Collection

Behind the Design: Infinity Collection

Paige Schnarr |

Written by Senior Design Lead, Sung wook Park 

The original Infinity Round Frame was inspired by Freestanding art pieces and sculptures, displayed on pedestals.

We asked ourselves, “What made PRISMA great? What was missing in the market?”

INFINITY FRAME is a simple, modern-looking circular photo/art frame that allows you to elevate it as a desktop frame and float an image or create unique installations on the wall.

Potential expanding for family...

When we look at the design, we first think about originality but also ask is there potential for this item to be expanded into a family for multiple categories - i.e PRISMA - start with a frame, - mirror, jewelry etc.









When creating Infinity, we wanted something with less sharp lines and angles. The standard of many picture frames are 45 degree angles, rectangular but, rounding the corners is not something easy to do.




The uniqueness of Infinity is that it can be both displayed on a wall or desk. We thought a clock was a great product for expansion because users typically have either wall mounted clocks or desktops. An analog desktop clock isn’t very common. We see a lot of tabletop clocks that use easels, using the same components from desk picture frame so why not use Infinity construction to make a clock?



Are there any other items you’ve thought about expanding the Infinity Collection to?

Easy. Desk mirror. Memo board would also be pretty cool.


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