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5 Simple Ways to Refresh Your Home for Spring

5 Simple Ways to Refresh Your Home for Spring

Paige Schnarr |

Spring has finally arrived and what a better way to celebrate then to start the new season off by a home refresh. Whether re-decorating, de-cluttering, or rearranging all of your furniture, here are a few tips on how to bring new life to your space for Spring 2021.


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Umbra Sinkin Multi Use Dish Rack
Sinkin Multi-Use Dish Rack


Another season, another time to clean and get rid of clutter. Before being able to redecorate, it's important to go through a deep dive of your current space. Donate, re-sell, and re-use your belongings for a cleaner and more organized home. Once you've gone through all of your current items, you're ready to organize! Use bins, jewelry stands and other organizational home products to keep everything neat and tidy. Pictured is our Trigem Jewelry Stand used for mask organization, perfect for any entryway. Sinkin is a multi-use dish rack that can be used in your sink to create elevated storage, or used on your counter.


Umbra Trigem Jewelry Stand
 Trigem Jewelry Stand




Umbra Fountain Planter
 Fountain Planter

 With Spring comes bright colours and extra sunshine! Incorporating some extra greenery - faux or not - is an easy way to brighten up your space. Create your own unique arrangement with Fountain Planter, or integrate these fun tabletop planters on any tabletop, desk or counter. 


Umbra Trigg Tabletop Set
Trigg Tabletop Planter Set 





Umbra Buddy Wall Shelf
 Buddy Wall Shelf


A new season to have some fun with your decor, incorporating subtle playful elements is always a good idea. Buddy Shelf features our signature Buddy figurine, combining fun with functional. Decorating your wall space with something seasonal is also another simple option. Bloomer wall decor comes with easy to use adhesive flowers that you can arrange in any pattern.  


Umbra Bloomer Wall Decor
Bloomer Wall Decor 




Umbra Flip 5 Wall Hook
 Flip 5 Wall Hook

These wall hooks not only help to keep items from being thrown on the floor or chair, but they also add a touch of decor to any blank wall. Flip Hook's flip-down aluminum hooks push back in when not in use, creating a seamless look. Picket Wall Hook is known for its unique sculptural element, instantly creating dimension.


Umbra Picket Wall Hook
 Picket Wall Hook





Umbra Bellwood Storage Table
 Bellwood Storage Table


Furniture that saves space and provides extra functionality is always a bonus. With a solution for messy cables and storage, Bellwood storage side table is both a side table and cable management in one, keeping your cables neatly tucked and organized. Pillar Stool and Coat Rack can be used in a variety of spaces providing hooks and a multi-functional stool that can be used as seating, storage or even a plant!


Umbra Pillar Coat Rack & Stool
 Pillar Coatrack & Stool