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Our Two Newest Cleaning Solutions

Our Two Newest Cleaning Solutions

Paige Schnarr |

Two cleaning solutions that will help keep your spaces looking tidy and spotless, Swiper Wipe Dispenser and Spritza Spray Bottles are two new products from Umbra that don't sacrifice style for function. Read more to hear what people are saying about these cleaning product solutions.

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NIKKITA: "This wipe dispenser is fantastic. I love the streamlined form, the ease of use, and the overall look. This can be used at home or at the office. How many places do you go where someone has a can of Lysol wipes and a bottle of sanitizer sitting at their station? It sticks out like a sore thumb! With the Swiper Wipe Dispenser and Otto Soap Dispenser, you can easily blend those items into your space and have it readily available. I love having everyday items that are stylish and functional!"



'Love the look'


DARLYN: "What a great way to incorporate cleansing wipes into your everyday kitchen counter supplies. I love that you can just pop the lid off of a store bought container, drop it in and it’s ready to go. It matches my stainless steel appliances and it’s much more convenient being left out on the counter rather than rummaging through a cupboard."



'Practical and a must-have'


ERIN: I’ve never loved the look of having sanitizing wipes on my kitchen counter, but when Umbra introduced the Swiper Wipe Dispenser, I instantly had to have it! The Swiper sits on our kitchen countertop, right near the sink, so not only is it practical, it is super attractive to look at! We love how the top pops up, the kids love helping with that part and it keeps our disinfectant wipes nice & moist! This is a must have item!"



'Super Innovative' 


STEPHANIE: "This wipes storage is so innovative! What I love about it is the design is so simple but works so awesome! It looks so much better than the original container wipes come in! It’s really a unique and cool product!"



'Sleek and works well!'


MEGAN: "I love this duo! First of all, I love that they have a sleek black upper nozzle (I haven’t found one that looks this cute)! But I love the soft touch grip and dual spray modes even more! I can never have too many of these and can now leave one in each bathroom! I would recommend stocking up on these for spring cleaning!!"



'Great look and easy to use'


EMMA: "Loving this new spray bottle! The look is sleek and neutral so I can easily leave it out in any room and it looks great. I’m loving the soft black grip on the top of the bottle and how simple it is to refill. Would recommend!"



'Looks good and works great!'


JILL: "As someone who makes most of her own cleaners, I was thrilled to discover these spray bottles. So often the ones I find online leak when I use them. These not only work great but I love the sleek design! The soft touch grip makes it so easy to hold, even if my hands are wet from cleaning and they look good enough to sit out on display. I love sitting one next to my sink filled with my DIY all-purpose cleaner so that I can easily grab it and spray down the counters each night. I will definitely be recommending these to others I know who also enjoy making their own cleaners and I’ll be getting more to cover the variety of solutions that I make."




 'Sleek and Stylish'


STEPHANIE: "I love the spray bottles because they are really sleek and stylish for in my kitchen! I was looking for some bottles that I could put my homemade countertop cleaner and bathroom cleaner in and not be an eyesore when it sits out! The spray so well too! Overall I’m so happy with these bottles!! I highly recommend!"



'Best Spray Bottle I've Ever Used'


BETH: "I loved the sleek design of the bottles from my first glance. When they arrived I couldn’t wait to put them to the test; they did not disappoint! What I love: the non-slip soft black rubber, the dual spray feature so with a simple nozzle twist you can control what spray you want (more of a mist or a stronger spray), and the weight/density of the plastic bottle. I love that I can use any liquid so I have one bottle for water and another for a cleaning solution. They are nice enough to leave out on the counter too! I can’t say enough about these... I just love them!"