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Behind the Design: Quench Watering Can

Behind the Design: Quench Watering Can

Paige Schnarr |

Written by: Advanced Product Designer, Nate Asis

Umbra Quench Watering Can Umbra Quench Watering Can



I wanted to create something “iconic” that would look great sitting on a shelf. Something with a very graphic shape, using simple geometry.

A typical watering can has 3 functional parts; reservoir, handle and spout. I was exploring shapes to see how I could simplify the form, and tried to combine the handle and spout.  

I have a few plants at home, and would always just end up using a drinking glass to water them. I tried to imagine something that I would be proud to display next to all my plants.

With the tight timeline that this brief was supposed to launch, I knew that we couldn’t do anything that involved plastic tooling, mixed materials, or anything too complex. I started sketching ideas for form with those constraints in mind. I landed on stainless steel as a material that we could use that would both be rust-proof and nice quality.

Umbra Quench Watering Can Sketches

Nate Asis' Original Umbra Quench Design Sketches



Before getting too far into the design process, its always good to take a break from the computer screen and get a physical sense of your design. This very quick mockup was made using just scrap paper and tape to check proportions and scale.


Quench Prototype

Umbra Quench Watering Can Protoypes

 Quench Prototype, Samples & Final Product



My favorite part of Quench is the reflections it produces. The high-polish finish paired with the graphic shape gives a really interesting effect.


QUENCH Watering Can | Umbra from umbraltd on Vimeo.