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Designer Quick Facts: Sung wook Park

Designer Quick Facts: Sung wook Park

Paige Schnarr |


Born in Seoul, Korea, Sung Wook discovered from a young age a desire to construct things and work with his hands. He went on to graduate at the top of the Industrial Design Program at Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD) University and win first prize in Driving Design, a Canadian student design competition put on by Umbra and Audi.



His passion for creating and building follows him even outside of work, where he loves working with Lego® and other modular building sets.



Nickname: SWP, Wooky, Sharka Baba Dish, Sun Wood Park, etc.

Favorite Umbra product: Prisma Frame

Go-to Starbucks Order: White Chocolate Mocha w/ extra whipping cream on top

Favorite Trip You've Been on: Jeju Island in Korea with wife

Favorite Binge-worthy tv-show: Running Man

Favorite catch-phrase:  "Keep it simple"

Any hidden talents? Transportation Design

Favorite way to get re-inspired: Being in a new fresh environment (travelling or looking at new store window displays)



At Umbra, Sung Wook is striving to create unique impressions through his designs; delving into infinite possibilities and redesigning common products, with the goal of helping people find excitement in everyday life.



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