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Designer Quick Facts: Jenny Suh

Designer Quick Facts: Jenny Suh

Paige Schnarr |


Jenny has a great deal of interest in products and how to help people have better experiences with it. She believes that a functional product with beautiful aesthetics can enhance the user experience, which helps them create a forming relationship inclusive of positive memories with the product.



Nickname: Chipmunk

Favorite Umbra product: Hub Ladder

Go-to Starbucks Order: Matcha frapp with java chips!

Favorite trip you've been on: Europe Tour 2015 (Backpackng by myself for a month)

Favorite binge-worthy tv-show? Friends

A design trend you hope never comes back in style: I respect all design trends so I can't say!

Any hidden talents? No :(

Favorite way to get re-inspired: Nature and studying other famous designers 




After completing a design course at Humber College at the top of the class, she attended the Industrial Design Program at Carleton University. Her thesis work has won awards at the ACIDO Rocket Competition and Universities Canada’s Innovation Design for Accessibility Student Competition.




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